About Kelsey

Fitness & wellbeing have been a huge part of Kelsey's life from the get go. Growing up she loved the challenge of different sports and exercise, and realised early on how deep her passion for bodies and moving lay.

While overseas working in the Superyacht industry, Kelsey was introduced to pilates as a way of overcoming and preventing injury after years of high intensity exercise, crossfit and running. Absorbing all of the positive, rebalancing effects pilates had on her body, she fell in love with this new form of movement and sought out her instructor training.

Kelsey started her training in Costa Rica and, after teaching mat on the super yachts for a few years, she headed to Bali to complete her apparatus training through Balanced Body.

After 5 years overseas, she moved her base back to NZ to pursue pilates full-time.

Kelsey is a warm and bubbly teacher, always aiming to help her clients reap all the benefits she's experienced, with a focus on strength, balance and mindfulness.’